Aloha Table: Hawaiian Coffee & Deli in Korea

As a Korea, I have never been to Hawaii yet, but Hawaii I have always been dream islands for so long and always dreaming of visiting in the future.

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Aloha table is somewhat cafe and deli but more like to be restaurant to me.

It is originated on the shores of Waikiki.

Aloha table delivers the deep flavor of premium Kona coffee, tropical cocktails, and authentic deli with Hawaiian music.


Of course, I love coffee, so I ordered its specialized Kona coffee with Hawaiian shrimp rice ball.

Aloha Table is not just cafe, it is the place where you can not just enjoy coffee but some lunch like deli and salads.

Hawaiian Shrimp Rice Balls

Shrimp rice ball was pretty interesting. It was shrimp salad with two rice balls seasoned with olive oil, dried garlic slices, sesame  seeds and nori powder.

It was not salty at all and keep shrimps crispy and crunchy.

So if you are living in Seoul, Korea and looking for a place with Hawaiian spirit,

Aloha Table will be the right place for you!


Theracoat for Teacup Maltese


I have wrote one blog about teacup maltese and have been asked how I maintain their long beautiful hair.

I have tried so many products to keep their hair nice and shiny, but most of them did not work well.

One day, one of my friends told me she fed her teacup malteses Theracoat, a therapeutic dietary supplement for skin and coats.


Theracoat improves the appearance of skin and coat dramatically.

It includes natural ingredients: phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylenthanolamine, glycolipids, phosphatidylinositol, minor phospholipids, complexed sugars, phosphatidic acid, triglycerides, and water.


Theracoat looks like shredded thin noodles, more likely quinoa.

It smells salty and nutty. I think it is a bit greasy.

Since each piece easily sticks each other, Theracoat should be kept in cool and dry area.


There is a scoop that you can measure how much Theracoat you should give your dogs or cats.

My dogs are 3-4lbs, I only need half scoop of Theracoat for one day.

You can give all at once daily or divide it into two meals.

The effects of Theracoat will be recognizable after 30days of use.

It is only $17.49 for 16oz size on, but you can still find it at your local pet supply.


Korean Cafe in Birch Forest: Caffeine Sinhyeon-Ri

(Image from Caffeine Sinhyeon-ri instagram @caffeine_sinhyeon_ri

(Image from Caffeine Sinhyeon-ri instagram @caffeine_sinhyeon_ri)

As a coffee lover, it is always nice to find a new interesting cafe.

And if it is located in beautiful birch forest, coffee tastes even better.

I would like to share my first visit at this beautiful cafe in the birch forest in Gwangju-si, Korea.

Store Directory

The cafe used to be a roasting center for many other franchise cafes like Paul Bassette.

It is located in Sinhyeon-ri, Gwangju-si. The name was made with caffeine+sinhyeon-ri.

It sounds like a cafe in sinhyeon-ri, so I thought it was pretty witty and clever name for this unique cafe.

Bar View

1st floor has a big coffee bar with a bakery room. You can seat on the bar or tables.

Best way to enjoy the birch forest view is to seat on the table right next to the big windows.

There’re some tables outside, but I do not recommend you to seat there in Summer since it is hot and humid.

Birch Forest View (Sorry for the bad quality :-/)

As a first timer, I ordered a cup of hot Americano.

You can choose your beans: sun shower or jungle espresso

Sun shower is fruity and jungle espresso is nutty.

Cafe Americano, Tomorrow(cold brew with sweetened whipped cream, and Croissants

Caffeine Sinhyeon-ri is also very well known for its bakeries: choux cream and croissants.

To be frank, plain croissant was just okay, but I definitely recommend you to order its nutty croissant with plain black coffee like Americano or cold brew.

Address: cafferine sinhyeon-ri, 68 saemal-gil167, opo-eup, gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Hours: 11am-09pm(weekdays), 11am-10pm(weekend)

Ceramidin Sheet Mask for Dry and Sensitive Skin


I am bringing some good news for those whom with dry or very dry skin.

I used to have very oily skin in my 20’s.

However, in mid 30’s, my skin is getting dryer, so my skin is more like oily-dry combination now.

In Korea, 1 day-1 sheet mask is big beauty trend.

I have tried some cheap ones for couple bucks, but none of them could beat Dr. Jart’s ceramidin sheet mask.


Dr. Jart’s ceramidin sheet mask is a bit more expensive than other mask sheets on the market. It is 4,000KRW ($6.00 in the states at

Let’s look at the main ingredients: ceramide, panthenol, and aloe vera leaf juice)

  1. Ceramide – to keep moisture and enrich sensitive skin structure
  2. Panthenol & Aloe Vera – to protect original skin structure while soothing and boosting hydration


So I tried it on my dry face 🙂

As you can see from the image above, it sticked on my face tightly.

Bottom part of the sheet has two diagonal slits, so that the sheet can cover your chin completely.

It recommends you 10 to 2o minutes to leave it, so I did it for 20minutes to maximize the absorption.

When I took Dr.Jart’s ceramidin sheet mask off after 20 minutes, I could feel my skin is full of moisture already.

Next day in the morning, the result was even better – less wrinkles and brighter skin tone.



If you have dry and sensitive skin but want to try some heavy moisturizing sheet mask,

I strongly recommend you to try Dr.Jart’s ceramidin sheet mask right before you go to bed.

Two thumbs up!!!



Teacup Maltese Pictures



Have you ever seen teacup maltese before?

Teacup maltese is well known for their doll-like look: tiny body, big eyes, short muzzle, and full and rich white fur.

Also, maltese is one of the popular breeds in the states for they shed little and have docile temperaments.

Here are some good examples of beautiful teacup maltese pictures.


This teacup maltese boy is Ginger.(photo from kimskennel instagram)


Beautiful fully grown adult teacup malteses (photo from kimskennel instagram)

Teacup maltese weighs usually around 2.5-3.5lbs, extremely tiny size.

However, their size does not mean that they are weak.

Teacup maltese can be as healthy as standard maltese.

Are you ready to love teacup maltese?