Teacup Maltese Pictures



Have you ever seen teacup maltese before?

Teacup maltese is well known for their doll-like look: tiny body, big eyes, short muzzle, and full and rich white fur.

Also, maltese is one of the popular breeds in the states for they shed little and have docile temperaments.

Here are some good examples of beautiful teacup maltese pictures.


This teacup maltese boy is Ginger.(photo from kimskennel instagram)


Beautiful fully grown adult teacup malteses (photo from kimskennel instagram)

Teacup maltese weighs usually around 2.5-3.5lbs, extremely tiny size.

However, their size does not mean that they are weak.

Teacup maltese can be as healthy as standard maltese.

Are you ready to love teacup maltese?



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