Korean Cafe in Birch Forest: Caffeine Sinhyeon-Ri

(Image from Caffeine Sinhyeon-ri instagram @caffeine_sinhyeon_ri

(Image from Caffeine Sinhyeon-ri instagram @caffeine_sinhyeon_ri)

As a coffee lover, it is always nice to find a new interesting cafe.

And if it is located in beautiful birch forest, coffee tastes even better.

I would like to share my first visit at this beautiful cafe in the birch forest in Gwangju-si, Korea.

Store Directory

The cafe used to be a roasting center for many other franchise cafes like Paul Bassette.

It is located in Sinhyeon-ri, Gwangju-si. The name was made with caffeine+sinhyeon-ri.

It sounds like a cafe in sinhyeon-ri, so I thought it was pretty witty and clever name for this unique cafe.

Bar View

1st floor has a big coffee bar with a bakery room. You can seat on the bar or tables.

Best way to enjoy the birch forest view is to seat on the table right next to the big windows.

There’re some tables outside, but I do not recommend you to seat there in Summer since it is hot and humid.

Birch Forest View (Sorry for the bad quality :-/)

As a first timer, I ordered a cup of hot Americano.

You can choose your beans: sun shower or jungle espresso

Sun shower is fruity and jungle espresso is nutty.

Cafe Americano, Tomorrow(cold brew with sweetened whipped cream, and Croissants

Caffeine Sinhyeon-ri is also very well known for its bakeries: choux cream and croissants.

To be frank, plain croissant was just okay, but I definitely recommend you to order its nutty croissant with plain black coffee like Americano or cold brew.

Address: cafferine sinhyeon-ri, 68 saemal-gil167, opo-eup, gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Hours: 11am-09pm(weekdays), 11am-10pm(weekend)


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