Aloha Table: Hawaiian Coffee & Deli in Korea

As a Korea, I have never been to Hawaii yet, but Hawaii I have always been dream islands for so long and always dreaming of visiting in the future.

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Aloha table is somewhat cafe and deli but more like to be restaurant to me.

It is originated on the shores of Waikiki.

Aloha table delivers the deep flavor of premium Kona coffee, tropical cocktails, and authentic deli with Hawaiian music.


Of course, I love coffee, so I ordered its specialized Kona coffee with Hawaiian shrimp rice ball.

Aloha Table is not just cafe, it is the place where you can not just enjoy coffee but some lunch like deli and salads.

Hawaiian Shrimp Rice Balls

Shrimp rice ball was pretty interesting. It was shrimp salad with two rice balls seasoned with olive oil, dried garlic slices, sesame  seeds and nori powder.

It was not salty at all and keep shrimps crispy and crunchy.

So if you are living in Seoul, Korea and looking for a place with Hawaiian spirit,

Aloha Table will be the right place for you!


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