How to Fly with Your Pet

Hana and Duri

How many of you guys have flown with your puppy before?

This time, I had to fly with those two beautiful puppies to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Regular requirement for flying with pet (dog or cat) is:

  1. 8 weeks or older
  2. Cage height can be 26cm maximum (may vary with each airline policy) and total sum of H+W+D =< 115cm.
  3. One pet per person (two pets are allowed to be in one cage if they are younger than 6 months).
  4. Pet and cage weight should be lighter than 5kg.
  5. Have to report your country animal quarantine (usually located at airport).
  6. Have to meet all animal quarantine requirement for destination.
  7. Must reserve available seat for your pet at least a week before departure (each airbus usually has 3 pet allowed seats available).
Hana and Duri

I got two Paris Dog soft bags for my puppies.

It doesn’t have to be soft carrier bag, but it can be hard carrier bag.

But I recommend you to buy soft ones since you have to slide your pet under the front seat.


This is right before we boarded together.

Flying with pet is pretty easy if you prepare for it in advance.

And it is always clever to ask your local airport and destination airport animal quarantine for required documents at least 2 months before your trip.

Flying with pet is always possible if you are willing to.


Dr.Jart+ Moist Lover Rubber Mask for Intensive Hydrating Care for Very Dry Skin


Dr.Jart+Moist Lover Rubber Mask

Hello everyone!

This time, I would like to share my very first experience with this amazing Dr.Jart+ rubber mask. Dr.Jart+ has 4 different types of rubber masks: intense moisturizing, firming, brightening, and pore cleaning mask.



Moist Lover consists of two parts: serum and rubber mask

What I tried was Moist Lover, which mainly focuses on maximizing skin moisturization.

Moist Lover consists of two main parts, intensive ampoule serum and rubber mask.


After you wash your face, open this jell-o looking moist intensive ampoule pack.

It is 5ml of creamy white concentrated serum. Apply it on your face thoroughly.

I used some of it on my neck too.


Next step is applying Moist Lover rubber mask on your face.

Not like other mask sheet, it is made of rubber, so it is devided into two parts: top and bottom parts.

Here’s tip. Must apply its top part first. Apply around your eyes first and then to spread the rubber mask on to other part. After then, apply bottom rubber mask to fully cover your face.


Look at my mummy face.

While two rubber masks sealed my face compeletely, I could still talk and eat some snack without any detachment happening.

And staying time is a lot longer than other regular masksheets.

With Dr.Jart+ Moist Lover rubber mask, you have to leave it on at least 40minutes to 60minutes to maximize its absorption.

With this amazing rubber mask, my skin looked very silky and healthy.

However, only problem is its high price, nearly $10.

So, I would still like to buy some more of this rubber mask, but will only use it a day before any main event like friend’s wedding or job interview.

When it gets released in the states, you guys should try it!

Busan Local Food: Mill Myun


Have you ever been to Busan before?

If so, what was your favorite memory about your Busan trip?

I have visited Busan many times, and almost all of my favorite memories are about its local food.

Pork & Rice Soup

If it is winter, I would like to say “my favorite Busan local food is pork and rice soup.”

But it is still hot, so I would like to talk about my favorite cold noodle called Mill Myun, wheat noodle.

Close Look of Mill Myun

Mill Myun, wheat noodle, has two different types: with icy cold soup or without soup.

Since I cannot eat much spicy food at all, I usually order mill myun in cold brewed soup.

It is very similar to regular Nang Myun, but its broth and wheat noodle are different.

In my opinion, Nang Myun noodle is a lot more chewy compared to Mill Myun noodle which is thicker but less chewy than Nang Myun noodle.

Aerial View of Mill Myun Dish

Mill Myun originated from Korean war in 1950. Refuges used to make this easy meal during that time.

Mill Myun is not in many others cities yet, but strongly staying in Busan as its local food.

My favorite Mill Myun place in Busan is called Choryang Mill Myun located right across from Busan train station (363-2, Choryang-dong, Dong-gu, Busan, Korea).

So, if you ever have a chance to visit Busan, don’t forget to taste this authentic local food Mill Myun.