Busan Local Food: Mill Myun


Have you ever been to Busan before?

If so, what was your favorite memory about your Busan trip?

I have visited Busan many times, and almost all of my favorite memories are about its local food.

Pork & Rice Soup

If it is winter, I would like to say “my favorite Busan local food is pork and rice soup.”

But it is still hot, so I would like to talk about my favorite cold noodle called Mill Myun, wheat noodle.

Close Look of Mill Myun

Mill Myun, wheat noodle, has two different types: with icy cold soup or without soup.

Since I cannot eat much spicy food at all, I usually order mill myun in cold brewed soup.

It is very similar to regular Nang Myun, but its broth and wheat noodle are different.

In my opinion, Nang Myun noodle is a lot more chewy compared to Mill Myun noodle which is thicker but less chewy than Nang Myun noodle.

Aerial View of Mill Myun Dish

Mill Myun originated from Korean war in 1950. Refuges used to make this easy meal during that time.

Mill Myun is not in many others cities yet, but strongly staying in Busan as its local food.

My favorite Mill Myun place in Busan is called Choryang Mill Myun located right across from Busan train station (363-2, Choryang-dong, Dong-gu, Busan, Korea).

So, if you ever have a chance to visit Busan, don’t forget to taste this authentic local food Mill Myun.


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