How to Fly with Your Pet

Hana and Duri

How many of you guys have flown with your puppy before?

This time, I had to fly with those two beautiful puppies to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Regular requirement for flying with pet (dog or cat) is:

  1. 8 weeks or older
  2. Cage height can be 26cm maximum (may vary with each airline policy) and total sum of H+W+D =< 115cm.
  3. One pet per person (two pets are allowed to be in one cage if they are younger than 6 months).
  4. Pet and cage weight should be lighter than 5kg.
  5. Have to report your country animal quarantine (usually located at airport).
  6. Have to meet all animal quarantine requirement for destination.
  7. Must reserve available seat for your pet at least a week before departure (each airbus usually has 3 pet allowed seats available).
Hana and Duri

I got two Paris Dog soft bags for my puppies.

It doesn’t have to be soft carrier bag, but it can be hard carrier bag.

But I recommend you to buy soft ones since you have to slide your pet under the front seat.


This is right before we boarded together.

Flying with pet is pretty easy if you prepare for it in advance.

And it is always clever to ask your local airport and destination airport animal quarantine for required documents at least 2 months before your trip.

Flying with pet is always possible if you are willing to.


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