Truth about Teacup Puppies


Have you ever heard about teacup puppies before?

Teacup puppies that you may know are often times fake.

In America, small puppies, so called teacup puppies, are very popular nowdays.

Teacup means smaller than the standard size.


In America, as I know, many resellers are importing and selling teacup puppies from Korean breeders because Korean teacup puppies are well known for its tiny size and beautiful face.

Selling Korean teacup puppies is not a problem.

Real problem is that many resellers do not give true information about teacup puppies to their customers.


Teacup puppies are tiny, I mean they are smaller than their standards.

Some people may believe that adult teacup puppies may weigh around 2lbs (1kg) mostly, but it happens not very often.

Teacup puppies may weigh less than 2 or 2.5lbs only if they have suffered canine distemper, get fed smaller amounts of food, or were born weak. Other than those reasons, it may not happen.


Real teacup puppies are healthy and beautiful as you can see in the picture above.

They are fed proper amount of food, born in healthy condition, and grow as pretty as they can be.




Top 3 Korean Starbucks 2016 Fall Heritage Tumblers


2016 Korean Starbucks Heritage MD Products

I love to use tumblers for either hot or cold drink in the morning because it keeps the drink fresh for long hours.

There are many good brand names making tumblers, but my favorites are mostly came from Starbucks Korea.

On Oct 11th, finally Starbucks’ heritage products are renewed and released in stores, and three of its tumblers caught my attention: JNL heritage tumbler, Newton heritage tumbler, and Elma heritage tumbler.


JNL Heritage Tumbler

First one that I was almost opened my wallet was JNL tumbler.

Technically, it is the best one since it is Thermos, one of the best tumbler making companies.

It can hold 500ml of hot or cold drink, which is slightly more than venti size coffee and keeps drink fresh (hot/cold) for nearly 8 hours.

However, it is pretty expensive (54,000won) and has small opening but long body, so I decided not to buy this one.

Elma Heritage Tumbler

Next tumbler that I almost got was Elma heritage tumbler.

I am a big fan of Starbucks’ Elma tumblers because they are light but keep temperature for so long. And its wide thin opening makes its users put either ice cubes or hot water easily.

I loved its silver-blue tone of stainless body. It is matte and silky.

But the reason why I did not get this tumbler was that I have got a number of Elma tumblers already.

Newton Heritage Tumbler

The one that I finally got was Newton heritage tumbler.

I usually do not like any tumbler with handle attached.

But this one is somewhat old fashioned but modern at the same time.

The best part of this tumber is its lid. Starbuck Siren is engraved, so it gives more glamorous look.

Do you need my suggestion for you??

Go get one that you really like, make it easy!!!



Clean and Neat Japanese Restaurant: Tokkijung

Image from Tokkijung offical web site(

Tokkijung is very well known for its clean and delicious Japanese homemade cuisine.

Also, it is well known for its stylish but very neat and antique interior design.

According to its official website, they got the motive for its design from 1970s-1980s’ Japanese cafe – cream/white square tiles, old-fashioned Japanese paintings, and antique Japanese furniture.


Of course! we do really care how Tokkijung’s food is.

They are selling some appetizers, noodles, rice meal mainly Donburi, and some beer and liquor like high ball.

I ordered two best selling food, cream curry udon and half and half meat platter and a glass of ginger high ball.

Ginger High Ball

Ginger high ball was very sweet and refreshing.

I highly recommend it if you like something light liquor with your meal, but definitely not for those who love strong liquor.

Cream Curry Udon and Half and Half Meat Platter

My friend and I ordered their best selling items: cream curry udon and half and half meat platter.

Cream curry udon looked maybe too creamy for me at first, but when I saw its real inside, dark curry udon, all my worry was totally gone.

Whipped cream soother spicy curry taste, and all together satisfied my tongue.

Half and half meat platter was plentiful for two people.

One side was regular bulgogi and the other half was spicy bulgogi. It tasted like very well cooked on fiery barbecue grill.

If you are in Seoul, craving for some good Japanese homemade style foods, I highly recommend Tokkijung for you.

Gangnam store: 32 6-gil, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Seoul Station(KTX): Seoul Station, 405 Hangang-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul

Bridget Jones’ Baby: Brief Review


I am a big fan of Bridget Jones series! So when I heard that they are filming its third series, Bridget Jones’s Baby, I was like hooray!!!

Bridget Jones’s Baby is about the story after 12 years from its second movie, the Edge of the Reason.

Who would know if Bridget and Mark break up and they never meet for last 12 years?


Opening scene pays homage to single filthy Bridget Jones’s lip sync performance of All By Myself from its first movie, and it brings audiences with lots of good memories of Bridget Jones’s series.


Big! Big difference is this handsome new guy, Patrick Dempsey as billionaire Jack Qwant.

He’s such a charming prince making Bridget feel being loved and taken care of since Mark Darcy has been gone.

But who knows she would meet Mark Darcy again!!!


I don’t want to give you too much detail about the movie, but what she has to do is to find out her baby’s real father!

In overall, the movie is very sweet romantic comedy without dramatic plots that usually fade reality. Audience will follow how Bridget feel all the way to the end.

Brilliant performance from Renee Zellweger as always!!!

If you have missed sweet romantic comedy and been a fan of Bridget Jones series, you’d better hurry and see this movie at a theater!



Rare Color Poodle: Cafe Au Lait and Silver Poodle

 from KimsKennelUS Instagram @kimskennelus

Do you like Poodles?

I do love Poodles because they are smart and cute! Also, their hair won’t shed like many other breeds like Chihuahua or French Bulldog.

How many poodle colors? I do not know exactly but do know there are many colors are a available like apricot, chocolate, and black.

Among them, I believe silver and cafe au lait colors are rarest.

from KimsKennelUS Instagram @kimskennelus

Many people may think young silver poodle is black.

Silver poodle has black fur in youth, but it will change into silver with age.

Hair brightness may vary, from dark silver to bright silver.

from instagram @petitbara

Here is very good good example of Korean teacup silver poodle.

Bright silky silver fur with big eyes and short muzzle. Silver poodle always looks luxurious.

from KimsKennelUS Instagram @kimskennelus

Next color is cafe au lait. Cafe au lait is basically coffee with hot milk.

Some may think cafe au lait color is just brown or chocolate color, but just like silver color, it will change into bright cafe au lait color.

from Instagram @cjw0730

Here is very good example image of cafe au lait poodle.

Can you see how it differs from either chocolate or brown poodle?

Yes! cafe au lait color is whiter and lighter than chocolate and brown color. That gives the color more rarity.

So which one do you like more?