Rare Color Poodle: Cafe Au Lait and Silver Poodle

 from KimsKennelUS Instagram @kimskennelus

Do you like Poodles?

I do love Poodles because they are smart and cute! Also, their hair won’t shed like many other breeds like Chihuahua or French Bulldog.

How many poodle colors? I do not know exactly but do know there are many colors are a available like apricot, chocolate, and black.

Among them, I believe silver and cafe au lait colors are rarest.

from KimsKennelUS Instagram @kimskennelus

Many people may think young silver poodle is black.

Silver poodle has black fur in youth, but it will change into silver with age.

Hair brightness may vary, from dark silver to bright silver.

from instagram @petitbara

Here is very good good example of Korean teacup silver poodle.

Bright silky silver fur with big eyes and short muzzle. Silver poodle always looks luxurious.

from KimsKennelUS Instagram @kimskennelus

Next color is cafe au lait. Cafe au lait is basically coffee with hot milk.

Some may think cafe au lait color is just brown or chocolate color, but just like silver color, it will change into bright cafe au lait color.

from Instagram @cjw0730

Here is very good example image of cafe au lait poodle.

Can you see how it differs from either chocolate or brown poodle?

Yes! cafe au lait color is whiter and lighter than chocolate and brown color. That gives the color more rarity.

So which one do you like more?



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