Truth about Teacup Puppies


Have you ever heard about teacup puppies before?

Teacup puppies that you may know are often times fake.

In America, small puppies, so called teacup puppies, are very popular nowdays.

Teacup means smaller than the standard size.


In America, as I know, many resellers are importing and selling teacup puppies from Korean breeders because Korean teacup puppies are well known for its tiny size and beautiful face.

Selling Korean teacup puppies is not a problem.

Real problem is that many resellers do not give true information about teacup puppies to their customers.


Teacup puppies are tiny, I mean they are smaller than their standards.

Some people may believe that adult teacup puppies may weigh around 2lbs (1kg) mostly, but it happens not very often.

Teacup puppies may weigh less than 2 or 2.5lbs only if they have suffered canine distemper, get fed smaller amounts of food, or were born weak. Other than those reasons, it may not happen.


Real teacup puppies are healthy and beautiful as you can see in the picture above.

They are fed proper amount of food, born in healthy condition, and grow as pretty as they can be.




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