Sapporo Beer at Paul Bassett Cafe in Korea


Paul Bassett is one of the biggest Korean coffee franchise cafe and very well known for Lungo and vanilla icecream.

I am not a big fan of this franchise cafe since its coffee is a bit sour, but now I might like this cafe even more than before since it is selling my favorite Japanese beer, Sapporo in two different size, standard (32oml) and Grand (420ml), and two different types, Radler and Sapporo.


Just like its slogan”Bitter but Refreshing,” I really wanted to refresh myself after long day at work.

I wondered what kind of refreshments that I need to order with my Sapporo tab beer.

But no worry, they will give you plenty of mixed nuts bowl for each tab of beer and those nuts were very delicious!

If you are in Seoul, need just one glass of icy Sapporo beer on your way home, Paul Bassett will be your first choice, I am pretty sure!



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