How to Take Care of Puppy with Tear Stain


I have a beautiful Bichon Frise girl named Ringo meaning an apple in Japanese.

She has beautiful big eyes, pearly white curly coat, and very cute personality.

Everything sound perfect!

However, only problem with her is tear stain all over her face.


Tear stain is usually seen with those puppies with white coat and big eyes mostly – white Poodle, Maltese, Bichon Frise, and etc.

There are many causes, but the most important cause is its own pigmentation.

Those puppies with tear pigmentation are likely to have darker tear stain.

Tear stain is also caused by bacterial colonization on wet area around eyes.

5 most affecting factors in tear stain are:

  1. Stress
  2. Intensive exercise/hotness
  3. Food allergy
  4. foreign materials – dusts, eye lashes
  5. Ear infection


The best way to avoid or treat tear stain is to dry wet hair well.

However, it is almost impossible that we dry our puppies eyes all day.

So here are some tips that will weaken or prevent tear stains.

  1. Applying baby power directly to wet area
  2. Feeding tear stain medicine (ex. Sparkle Eyes)
  3. Operation – lacrimal canaliculus


I know it is not easy once your dog get tear stain.

But never give up and bring his/her pretty clean face back!!

We go together!!


2 thoughts on “How to Take Care of Puppy with Tear Stain”

  1. This has given me great advice on what to do with my own puppy’s tear stains. I have a 16 month old bichon/maltese puppy named Buster and tear stains are quite frequent. Thanks for the help! Your pup is beautiful!

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