Enjoying Korean Convenient Store Salad in two “almost” vegan ways


Just like Japanese convenient stores, Korean convenient stores are having more instant foods that can be eatable at anytime at any occasion.

With plenty of instant food choices, having lunch at a convenient store like GS25 or CU has become very common in Korea.

To keep one day one vegan meal, my choice for lunch is mostly salads or fruits.



I know Ricotta cheese salad is not 100% vegan because cheese is still dairy, but it is my favorite since it doesn’t have much meat in it.

To reduce calories, I usually take a half of ricotta cheese and 1/3 of balsamic dressing.

Amount of salad is quite enough for light lunch meal, but if you are heavy eater, I recommend you to add some fresh fruits like apple slices or tangerine.


Korean tangerines called Gyul is sweeter and seedless, not like American tangerines.

So I like to add couple tangerines in my salad bowl to mix with.

Added fruits will give  you more satiety so that you will not look for other foods.

One more tip for meat lovers, to add a piece of boneless fried cajun chicken breast in your salads.

Isn’t it too easy to make your convenient salads little better???



Devil’s Door Brewery – All About Beer Knocking on Devil’s Door


As holidays are getting closer, many people are having lots of year ending parties from now.

Today, I would like to introduce one cool beer brewery, Devil’s Door, located in Gangnam, Seoul.

Devil’s Door looks like an empty big old brick factory that you might see on a local high way. However, the red lights on the wall gave uniqueness to its name, Devil’s Door.


Inside of Devil’s Door was huge at first look with its high ceiling.

And it looked very classy American beer pub with some retro taste mixed.

20% of seats are available for reservation per each day, so if you are planning to visit with a many number of parties, making a reservation will not hurt you.


I got two bar seats right in front of those cool looking beer brewing machines in the store.

Glittering rose gold metal interior with rose gold tone lights are harmonizing well and giving its look genuine and somewhat modern at the same time.


Of course, I had so much time to decide which beer to order.

They have some their own beers and some beers from its partnered breweries like Mikkeller’s Daedonggang ale.

What I ordered was Helles lager because I like its light and clean taste.

Next time, I would love to try their Devil’s Stout beer which with nutty chocolate aroma and rich body.

Devil’s Door is located at 205 Sapyung-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea, and it opens at 11:30AM ~ 02:00AM (Fri-Sat), 11:30AM~24:00AM (Sun-Thur).


Meeting Mikkeller Bar in Seoul, Korea

Mikkeller bar is very wellknown microbrewery having its headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

It is founded in 2006 by two homebrewers having interesting job title, Mikkel Borg Bjergso, a high school teacher, and Kristian Klarup Keller, a journalist. 

As known as microbrewery, Mikkeller bar does not have their official brewery, however, they do collaborate with other distinctive brewers to produce their recipes or special brews. 

Thanks to my Korean American friend, I finally was able to experience its fantastic atmosphere in Seoul, Korea

When we got Mikkeller bar in Seoul, it was about 11pm, pretty dark as you can see in the picture above. 

It is located in Garosugil area that is always crowded youngsters with high fashion. 

Finding Mikkeller bar was not easy, frankly. It is not on main road but on behind of main rodeo of Garosugil. 

However, its location actually makes the bar itself special and rare. 

I seated right at the bar to have little closer look of its draft beer bar. 

Their bar contains 30 draft beers that are very distintive and delicious. 

Most of them were sold in two different size glasses. 

Because we wanted to try more different beers, we just ordred small glasses of beers. 

I asked the bartender to recommend me some crisp and clean taste beer, and she recommened me to have No.11 Ramen.

It tasted very clean and light, so I really enjoyed it.

Small size beer glass looked like a wine glass, and the idea of having a beer in a wine glass was interesting!

It was pretty compact size bar with lots of beers and also delicious popcorns that go very well with beers. 

Since their closing time was 1am, we could not have many beers in that night, but definitely we enjoyed Mikkeller bar’s trendy atmosphere. 

Mikkeller Seoul’s operational hours are like this: 

*Monday~Thursday: 5PM-12AM 

*Friday-Saturday: 3PM-1AM

*Sunday: 3PM-10PM

Address: 33 Dosan-Daero 17-gil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Phone: 070-4231-4723