How to Keep Fake Fur Fresh and Fluffy: Anti-Fur


As an Anti-Fur supporter, I do not purchase any clothes with real fur, like coyote or raccoon fur.

Typical Korean winter parkas are mostly designed with fur trimmed hoods, and most of makers proudly point out that their products are made with real furs.

Anyway, all of my winter parkas came with fake fur trimmed hoods.

Using fake fur is nice; however, it usually looks cheap and messy.

So, I would like to share some easy tips to make fake fur looks fresh and fluffy as real.


Look at my fake fur trimmed hooded parka.

Ain’t it look messy and dirty somehow??

It is time to give some easy care to this dead fake fur.

Only two preparations are needed: 1. Dog slicker and 2. Fabric softner.


There are many kinds of fabric softeners in the market.

I have chose one that prevents static electricity during the dry winter time.

So, what you need to do is to find your favorite fabric softener products.

Once you have it in your hand, spray gently over the fake fur. Do not spray too much until it gets dampened.


Dog slicker looks like this. It is used to brush even real fur.

Now, you start brushing from the middle part to the end part.

You may decide which direction that your fake fur will lie.

I did it outward to make it looks fluffy!



Dead fake fur is now refreshed and fluffy as real fur!

Do not let your fake fur look ugly and cheap anymore.

Let people know how fake fur can look pretty.

Love animals and protect animals from cruelty.


My New Eyeglasses – Sagawafujii Handmade Wooden Eyewear


I have been looking for a new pair of glasses for so long but have not able to find any good pair.

I am not a picky but want something that has distinctive feature.

Last Sunday, I was wondering around a local department shop and saw some cool looking eye glasses at a clothing shop, called Series.


There were many other styles of glasses, but a pair that caught my attention was one with wooden temple with acetate face.

I did not know from which brand they were manufactured but was able to find out it was Sagawafujii, well known handmade wooden eyewear brand name.


Two very different materials, acetate and wood, gave its distinctive look more special.

handmade wooden temples look luxurious at the same time shiny and bold acetate face gives chic impression.

Sagawafujii’s handmade wooden eyewear comes with a nice looking amber wooden case.


The reason why I have chose those glasses was that they were very light, have cool looking, and distinctive wooden material.

And the most important thing about eyewear is how comfortable they are on your face.

Sagawafujii eyewear was very light and comfortable.

If you are looking for a pair of glasses that give you classic but stylish look, I highly recommend you find a local eyewear shops that carry Sagawafujii.

Teacup Puppy for Sale -Mini Cream Poodle Girl


I would like to introduce real “Mini Poodle” today.

You may heard about toy Poodle before but may not be familiar with mini Poodle.

So, I would like to tell you what real mini Poodle is today.


The Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) recognizes 4 sizes of one Poodle breed: standard, miniature, medium, and toy.

Then, what is mini or teacup Poodle?

Mini Poodle is recognized as smallest Poodle breed recently.


Most of you may have thought that toy Poodle was the smallest Poodle breed before.

But it is very hard to expect how small Poodle puppy will grow.

Sometimes, even a toy Poodle can grow very big.

Average toy Poodle weighs 3 ~ 3.5kg (6.5 ~ 8lbs) full grown.

So, you can guess mini Poodle may weigh much lighter than toy Poodle.


Then, how do we know if it is real mini Poodle or not?

We have handled mini or teacup Poodle puppies for many years.

Very important truth that you should know is that a small puppy does not always becomes a small adult dog.

Those puppies that will grow small have specific features: small nose, short and narrow muzzle, and lighter bone frame.


Have you ever been completely deceived before?

You do not have to worry with Kims Kennel US.

Kims Kennel US with 14 years of teacup puppy business will help you to find the best quality mini Poodle puppy.

Please visit or follow us on instagram @kimskennelus.


Pretty Teacup Puppy: Skinny Light? or Stocky Light Weighted?


Recently, as tiny size teacup puppies are getting popular, more people want to have even smaller size puppies.

But, I’d like to tell them that size is not all about a puppy.

There are skinny light and stocky light type of teacup puppies.


Almost all of those guys looking for teacup puppies are asking sellers about estimated full grown weight or current weight, but not many of them are asking about muzzle, eyes, condition of coat, and body shape.

I agree that size is the main factor that determine either it is teacup or regular puppy. However, I’d like to ask if you’d like to buy a puppy that is smaller but has long and thin body with ugly face? or buy a puppy that might be bigger but has cute stocky body with beautiful face and other features?


My suggestion is to consider not only size but also all features including face, nose, stop angle, body shape and size, and even its pigment and coat quality.

Also, there are many teacup puppy sellers that give their customers unrealistic information about size. So do not get fooled and be clever!

Getting a puppy means having a new family member.

It will be always nice to have a tiny and beautiful puppy, but size doesn’t mean everything about your new furry baby.