Pretty Teacup Puppy: Skinny Light? or Stocky Light Weighted?


Recently, as tiny size teacup puppies are getting popular, more people want to have even smaller size puppies.

But, I’d like to tell them that size is not all about a puppy.

There are skinny light and stocky light type of teacup puppies.


Almost all of those guys looking for teacup puppies are asking sellers about estimated full grown weight or current weight, but not many of them are asking about muzzle, eyes, condition of coat, and body shape.

I agree that size is the main factor that determine either it is teacup or regular puppy. However, I’d like to ask if you’d like to buy a puppy that is smaller but has long and thin body with ugly face? or buy a puppy that might be bigger but has cute stocky body with beautiful face and other features?


My suggestion is to consider not only size but also all features including face, nose, stop angle, body shape and size, and even its pigment and coat quality.

Also, there are many teacup puppy sellers that give their customers unrealistic information about size. So do not get fooled and be clever!

Getting a puppy means having a new family member.

It will be always nice to have a tiny and beautiful puppy, but size doesn’t mean everything about your new furry baby.





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