Teacup Puppy for Sale -Mini Cream Poodle Girl


I would like to introduce real “Mini Poodle” today.

You may heard about toy Poodle before but may not be familiar with mini Poodle.

So, I would like to tell you what real mini Poodle is today.


The Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) recognizes 4 sizes of one Poodle breed: standard, miniature, medium, and toy.

Then, what is mini or teacup Poodle?

Mini Poodle is recognized as smallest Poodle breed recently.


Most of you may have thought that toy Poodle was the smallest Poodle breed before.

But it is very hard to expect how small Poodle puppy will grow.

Sometimes, even a toy Poodle can grow very big.

Average toy Poodle weighs 3 ~ 3.5kg (6.5 ~ 8lbs) full grown.

So, you can guess mini Poodle may weigh much lighter than toy Poodle.


Then, how do we know if it is real mini Poodle or not?

We have handled mini or teacup Poodle puppies for many years.

Very important truth that you should know is that a small puppy does not always becomes a small adult dog.

Those puppies that will grow small have specific features: small nose, short and narrow muzzle, and lighter bone frame.


Have you ever been completely deceived before?

You do not have to worry with Kims Kennel US.

Kims Kennel US with 14 years of teacup puppy business will help you to find the best quality mini Poodle puppy.

Please visit http://www.kimskennelus.com or follow us on instagram @kimskennelus.



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