My New Eyeglasses – Sagawafujii Handmade Wooden Eyewear


I have been looking for a new pair of glasses for so long but have not able to find any good pair.

I am not a picky but want something that has distinctive feature.

Last Sunday, I was wondering around a local department shop and saw some cool looking eye glasses at a clothing shop, called Series.


There were many other styles of glasses, but a pair that caught my attention was one with wooden temple with acetate face.

I did not know from which brand they were manufactured but was able to find out it was Sagawafujii, well known handmade wooden eyewear brand name.


Two very different materials, acetate and wood, gave its distinctive look more special.

handmade wooden temples look luxurious at the same time shiny and bold acetate face gives chic impression.

Sagawafujii’s handmade wooden eyewear comes with a nice looking amber wooden case.


The reason why I have chose those glasses was that they were very light, have cool looking, and distinctive wooden material.

And the most important thing about eyewear is how comfortable they are on your face.

Sagawafujii eyewear was very light and comfortable.

If you are looking for a pair of glasses that give you classic but stylish look, I highly recommend you find a local eyewear shops that carry Sagawafujii.


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