How to Send a Puppy to Santiago, Chile

Today, I would like to share how to send a puppy to Santiago, Chile.

This time, Ginny the Maltese girl was traveling from Seoul, South Korea to Santiago, Chile by United Airlines Pet Cargo service. 

Very first thing you need to consider is getting a rabies shot at 3months or older.

Only puppy that vaccinated with rabies at least 30days prior to its arrival is allowed.

So, you should vaccinate your puppy at least 30days prior to its flight schedule.

Here are required documents that should be ready in both your language and Spanish:

1. Official health statement in both language – you may need to get notarized by notary public and apostille stamp on Spanish document if it is not originally issed but translated. 

2. Vaccination Record – Rabies 

3. Ticks and Tapeworm Treatment within 30days of entering Chile

4. Pet Microchip – Not required but reccommended 

If you are ready with all of those required documents, then you need to prepare her shipping cage.

It should be hard cage with bolts. The cage must be equipped with two feed bowls and a water bottle that can be hung on the door. 

Also, need to provide couple packs of her food that can be provided during her long long flight. 

However, United Cargo does not allow anything inside of the cage other than your naked puppy.

Even I prepared her cage with lots of comfy things including a bed and toys, she only could fly herself in the cage.

This is how the cage look like after packing.

Ginny’s going to fly from Seoul to San Francisco, San Francisco to Houston, and then Houston to Santiago.

It’s very long Journey for 4months old teacup Maltese girl.

Hopefully, I can see her with her new family in Santiago, Chile Soon! 


How to Groom Your Poodle As Fluffy As Cotton Candy in 35 Seconds

Today, I would like to share my video showing how to groom your fluffy Poodle puppy properly!

Cute Bella of KimsKennel US was modeled in this video. 

Preparations: a facial comb, a body comb, and a slicker


1. Comb her facial hair with facial comb. Be gentle and do not rush. Facial hair gets tangled often, so it is very important to comb her face well with facial comb.

If your puppy has lots of tears, then look at my older post about how to take care of tearstains: 

2. Brush body hair with slicker. Remember that you have to brush her from the tail to the head, reverse direction. One important tip on slicker brushing is to use slicker parallel to her body. 

3. Finish grooming with Body comb. Start with wide side first and then to use narrow side. Very important tip to make your puppy fluffy is to use snap! 

Hope you enjoy the video, and it may help you to make your puppy fluffy as cotton candy 

Newly Available GS25 Salad: Basil Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Yes, I still keep doing One Vegie Meal per Day campaign.

I know cheese is not considered as veggie, but I do believe lacto vegeterian is still a part of vegeterian meal.

Today, I went to GS25, one of the biggest Korean 24hrs convenience stores, and found this new available cute little salad bowl saying Basil Tomato Mozzarella salad.

In overall, it looks pretty clean and fresh.

Amount of salad is quite small but reasonable for the price, ₩2,900 ($2.50).

It contains pesto olive oil as dressing on the top.

It unneccessarily packaged with two dom lids but looks clean and nice. 

Once you open the first lid, you need to find a space between two lids to detach one from the other.

And then, you may pour some pesto olive oil as much as you need. 

This is the aerial view of this tony salad bowl. It looks definitely fresh and yummy.

I recommend this to those who look for some fresh and tasty salad bowl for lunch at low cost.

Heavy eater may need extra bowl of salad haha. 

Handmade Korean Puppy Hair Accessories, MyVivian

You may have seen some Korean teacup puppies with tiny but gorgeous accessories before and wonder where they got those pretty things.

Today, I’d like to share about MyVivian, handmade Korean teacup puppy hair accessory brand.

MyVivian makes very delicate handmade teacup puppy accossories that give beautiful fairy tale princess looks.

Mainly, they use white pearls, cubics, laces, and some cute characters together.

Most popular line of MyVivian is handmade wool hairpin with each breed’s cute face on it.

Price is very resonable as handmade quality.

You do not match your puppy with same breed accessory.

If you are looking for pretty Korean teacup puppy handmade hair accessories, you may visit

Just one bad thing is that they do not have English website, but it will be still fun to explore lots of cute handmade accessories.