Newly Available GS25 Salad: Basil Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Yes, I still keep doing One Vegie Meal per Day campaign.

I know cheese is not considered as veggie, but I do believe lacto vegeterian is still a part of vegeterian meal.

Today, I went to GS25, one of the biggest Korean 24hrs convenience stores, and found this new available cute little salad bowl saying Basil Tomato Mozzarella salad.

In overall, it looks pretty clean and fresh.

Amount of salad is quite small but reasonable for the price, ₩2,900 ($2.50).

It contains pesto olive oil as dressing on the top.

It unneccessarily packaged with two dom lids but looks clean and nice. 

Once you open the first lid, you need to find a space between two lids to detach one from the other.

And then, you may pour some pesto olive oil as much as you need. 

This is the aerial view of this tony salad bowl. It looks definitely fresh and yummy.

I recommend this to those who look for some fresh and tasty salad bowl for lunch at low cost.

Heavy eater may need extra bowl of salad haha. 


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