How to Groom Your Poodle As Fluffy As Cotton Candy in 35 Seconds

Today, I would like to share my video showing how to groom your fluffy Poodle puppy properly!

Cute Bella of KimsKennel US was modeled in this video. 

Preparations: a facial comb, a body comb, and a slicker


1. Comb her facial hair with facial comb. Be gentle and do not rush. Facial hair gets tangled often, so it is very important to comb her face well with facial comb.

If your puppy has lots of tears, then look at my older post about how to take care of tearstains: 

2. Brush body hair with slicker. Remember that you have to brush her from the tail to the head, reverse direction. One important tip on slicker brushing is to use slicker parallel to her body. 

3. Finish grooming with Body comb. Start with wide side first and then to use narrow side. Very important tip to make your puppy fluffy is to use snap! 

Hope you enjoy the video, and it may help you to make your puppy fluffy as cotton candy 


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