2017SS Uniqlo x Lemaire = Uniqlo U 

Have you ever heard about Uniqlo U collection? 

Uniqlo U collection is made by a former Hermes director Christopher Lemaire and Uniqlo Paris R&D team. 

Uniqlo is very well known for its simple basics at very reasonable price. 

But some people may get bored with its too simple styles. 

For those who looking for simple designswith stylish touches at low prices, Uniqlo U collection is a gift box from the heaven. 

What I most liked about Uniqlo U 17ss collection was its simple but luxurious colors. 

4 main colors of this collection are olive, beige, khaki, and indigo blue. 

Among them, my favorite color is olive and indigo blue, so I picked couple items from each color group.

First one is a pair of indigo blue color Uniqlo U denim jeans.

Their cut is a bit funny – wide hip and thigh, tapered and cropped hem. 

Next item is olive color coach jacket. 

This jacket is my most favorite one from Uniqlo U 17ss collection. 

It looks very simple but crunch nylon material in emerald olive color gives its look more stylish.

There are lot more things that I am planning to purchase later.

So if you like Uniqlo U collection, do not hesitate because you won’t have enough time for this limited collaboration collection from Uniqlo and Christopher Lemaire.


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