Custom Made Munchkin Cat Tower

Today, I’d like to introduce a cat tower that is custom made for short leg Munchkin cats.

Munchkin cats have shorter legs than regular cats, so it is a bit difficult for them to use standard size cat tower that is designed for longer legged cats. 

So, we just got a cat tower for short legged Munchkins cats today.

This Munchkin cat tower is very cat friendly. 

It has lots of comfortable spots where your Munchkin cat can play, rest, or sleep. 

It is made with larch tree and cow leather and looks luxurious. 

My favorite feature of this amazing Munchkin cat tower is this clear acryl bowl where you can see your Munchkin cat’s belly and paws.

If you have Munchkin cats and are thinking about to have a set of cat tower, you may consider to have Munchkin cat friendly tower like this.

I highly recommend you!!!


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