How to Bring Your Puppy to Manila, the Philippines

Today, I’d like to share how to bring your puppy to Manila, thr Philippines.

It is very nice season to visit Manila because it is its dry season.

Even it is pretty sunny, it is still dry, so you do not have to worry about hot swampy weather.


Bringing puppy to Manila isn’t too difficult.

Things required before departure:

1. Rabies Vaccine – from your vet

2. Health Certificate – from your vet within 10 days of departure

3. Deworming Certificate – from your vet within 48hrs of departure

4. Microchip – from your vet (ISO 11784/11785)  

5. Import Permit – online (

If you want to fly with your puppy in the cabin, you must call your airline and ask if it is possible.

Each airline has different policy in handcarry, so you must check it with your airline first.

I used Asiana Airlines, and their requirements were like these:

1. Soft Cage (D x L x H smaller than 115cm, and Height should not be over 25cm). 

2. Total weight (cage + puppy) should not exceed 5kg

3. Check in fee (₩160,000)

I safely entered Manila with Kevy, a sweet silver Poodle boy. 

It was beautiful city with warm weather and nice sweet people.

It is always best to check with your country’s Philippines Embassy for any pet import regulations.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Manila!!!


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