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Ice Cream Store for both Human & Puppy, FELL+COLE

I visited special ice cream store which is located nearby Hongik University, Korea.

Hongik University is popular place among youth.

The store FELL+COLE is covered with blue.

The reason why this store is special is, there are ice cream for human and the one for only puppies! 

Price: Single-$5 / For puppies-$2.5

And the favors are differ almost everyday!

I had Nut Job & Agave chocolate that day and the cutie puppy Kong had Vanilla with Bacon. (I’m not sure about the name..)

Anyway, isn’t it unique?

I felt getting more friendly with Kong by having ice cream together.

It is safe, healthy snack for pets.

You can enjoy a great time with your friends and adorable pets here!

* Location: 310-11, Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

* Tel.: 070-4411-1434

* Operation hour: 12:00 – 22:00


Devil’s Door Brewery – All About Beer Knocking on Devil’s Door


As holidays are getting closer, many people are having lots of year ending parties from now.

Today, I would like to introduce one cool beer brewery, Devil’s Door, located in Gangnam, Seoul.

Devil’s Door looks like an empty big old brick factory that you might see on a local high way. However, the red lights on the wall gave uniqueness to its name, Devil’s Door.


Inside of Devil’s Door was huge at first look with its high ceiling.

And it looked very classy American beer pub with some retro taste mixed.

20% of seats are available for reservation per each day, so if you are planning to visit with a many number of parties, making a reservation will not hurt you.


I got two bar seats right in front of those cool looking beer brewing machines in the store.

Glittering rose gold metal interior with rose gold tone lights are harmonizing well and giving its look genuine and somewhat modern at the same time.


Of course, I had so much time to decide which beer to order.

They have some their own beers and some beers from its partnered breweries like Mikkeller’s Daedonggang ale.

What I ordered was Helles lager because I like its light and clean taste.

Next time, I would love to try their Devil’s Stout beer which with nutty chocolate aroma and rich body.

Devil’s Door is located at 205 Sapyung-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea, and it opens at 11:30AM ~ 02:00AM (Fri-Sat), 11:30AM~24:00AM (Sun-Thur).


Starting a Vegan Meal for Lunch


Do you know that livestock industry uses 30% of land and 33% of water on the earth and emits much more green house gases than transportations?

To reduce environmental destruction and dramatical climate change happening now over the world, what we can easily do is to eat less meat, specifically, beef.


So, I have decided to start eating at least one vegan meal everyday.

My lunch today was actually salad size tofu, dried sweet potato, an apple, and a corn on a cob. Actually, they were quite a lot amount of food, delicious, low calories and high fibers.


If it is just too hard to avoid any meat in your meal, I recommend you to try Starbucks’ Bistro box made  by Organica Korea.

There are 2 bistro boxes, avocado wrap and cajun chicken wrap bistro box.

Avocado wrap box is 100% vegan, but chicken box is about 90% vegan.

What I tried was cajun chicken wrap bistro box because it was lower calories than avocado wrap, only 250cal.

Even it contain some chicken meat, it was very clean and healthy with lots of vegies in it.

So, change your meal can change our world!

Let’s do this together!

Sapporo Beer at Paul Bassett Cafe in Korea


Paul Bassett is one of the biggest Korean coffee franchise cafe and very well known for Lungo and vanilla icecream.

I am not a big fan of this franchise cafe since its coffee is a bit sour, but now I might like this cafe even more than before since it is selling my favorite Japanese beer, Sapporo in two different size, standard (32oml) and Grand (420ml), and two different types, Radler and Sapporo.


Just like its slogan”Bitter but Refreshing,” I really wanted to refresh myself after long day at work.

I wondered what kind of refreshments that I need to order with my Sapporo tab beer.

But no worry, they will give you plenty of mixed nuts bowl for each tab of beer and those nuts were very delicious!

If you are in Seoul, need just one glass of icy Sapporo beer on your way home, Paul Bassett will be your first choice, I am pretty sure!