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Starting a Vegan Meal for Lunch


Do you know that livestock industry uses 30% of land and 33% of water on the earth and emits much more green house gases than transportations?

To reduce environmental destruction and dramatical climate change happening now over the world, what we can easily do is to eat less meat, specifically, beef.


So, I have decided to start eating at least one vegan meal everyday.

My lunch today was actually salad size tofu, dried sweet potato, an apple, and a corn on a cob. Actually, they were quite a lot amount of food, delicious, low calories and high fibers.


If it is just too hard to avoid any meat in your meal, I recommend you to try Starbucks’ Bistro box made  by Organica Korea.

There are 2 bistro boxes, avocado wrap and cajun chicken wrap bistro box.

Avocado wrap box is 100% vegan, but chicken box is about 90% vegan.

What I tried was cajun chicken wrap bistro box because it was lower calories than avocado wrap, only 250cal.

Even it contain some chicken meat, it was very clean and healthy with lots of vegies in it.

So, change your meal can change our world!

Let’s do this together!


Top 3 Korean Starbucks 2016 Fall Heritage Tumblers


2016 Korean Starbucks Heritage MD Products

I love to use tumblers for either hot or cold drink in the morning because it keeps the drink fresh for long hours.

There are many good brand names making tumblers, but my favorites are mostly came from Starbucks Korea.

On Oct 11th, finally Starbucks’ heritage products are renewed and released in stores, and three of its tumblers caught my attention: JNL heritage tumbler, Newton heritage tumbler, and Elma heritage tumbler.


JNL Heritage Tumbler

First one that I was almost opened my wallet was JNL tumbler.

Technically, it is the best one since it is Thermos, one of the best tumbler making companies.

It can hold 500ml of hot or cold drink, which is slightly more than venti size coffee and keeps drink fresh (hot/cold) for nearly 8 hours.

However, it is pretty expensive (54,000won) and has small opening but long body, so I decided not to buy this one.

Elma Heritage Tumbler

Next tumbler that I almost got was Elma heritage tumbler.

I am a big fan of Starbucks’ Elma tumblers because they are light but keep temperature for so long. And its wide thin opening makes its users put either ice cubes or hot water easily.

I loved its silver-blue tone of stainless body. It is matte and silky.

But the reason why I did not get this tumbler was that I have got a number of Elma tumblers already.

Newton Heritage Tumbler

The one that I finally got was Newton heritage tumbler.

I usually do not like any tumbler with handle attached.

But this one is somewhat old fashioned but modern at the same time.

The best part of this tumber is its lid. Starbuck Siren is engraved, so it gives more glamorous look.

Do you need my suggestion for you??

Go get one that you really like, make it easy!!!