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Bridget Jones’ Baby: Brief Review


I am a big fan of Bridget Jones series! So when I heard that they are filming its third series, Bridget Jones’s Baby, I was like hooray!!!

Bridget Jones’s Baby is about the story after 12 years from its second movie, the Edge of the Reason.

Who would know if Bridget and Mark break up and they never meet for last 12 years?


Opening scene pays homage to single filthy Bridget Jones’s lip sync performance of All By Myself from its first movie, and it brings audiences with lots of good memories of Bridget Jones’s series.


Big! Big difference is this handsome new guy, Patrick Dempsey as billionaire Jack Qwant.

He’s such a charming prince making Bridget feel being loved and taken care of since Mark Darcy has been gone.

But who knows she would meet Mark Darcy again!!!


I don’t want to give you too much detail about the movie, but what she has to do is to find out her baby’s real father!

In overall, the movie is very sweet romantic comedy without dramatic plots that usually fade reality. Audience will follow how Bridget feel all the way to the end.

Brilliant performance from Renee Zellweger as always!!!

If you have missed sweet romantic comedy and been a fan of Bridget Jones series, you’d better hurry and see this movie at a theater!