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TWG, the Luxurious Tea Boutique in Resorts World Manila

TWG was established in Singapore and has been known for luxurious tea boutique brand. Its name TWG stands for The Wellbeing Group.

When I visited Resorts World in Manila, I could not resist to visit this glittering golden tea boutique.

Inside View of TWG Boutique in Manila

When I entered the store, I could see lots of tea packages were displayed. On the wall, hundreds of goegeous gold tea tins were glittering as gold mine. 

Beautiful Tea Pot and Teacups
So I really wanted to have some me-time there with some good tea and couple marcaroons before I end my first night in Manila.

I ordered a pot of Silver Moon tea and three pieces of macaroons.

See how peaceful and delightful at the same time with this calming tea with some sweets.

It was my best tea and macaroons experience so far.

And price was very reasonable, I believe.

So, do not hesitate to visit this amazing tea boutique if you are planning to visit Resorts World Manila.

*Location: Resorts World Manila, Ground Floor, 17B

*Tel: +63 2 551 0925

*Openining Hours: Mon~Thur (12nn~12am) and Fri~Sun (12nn~1am). 


Ice Cream Store for both Human & Puppy, FELL+COLE

I visited special ice cream store which is located nearby Hongik University, Korea.

Hongik University is popular place among youth.

The store FELL+COLE is covered with blue.

The reason why this store is special is, there are ice cream for human and the one for only puppies! 

Price: Single-$5 / For puppies-$2.5

And the favors are differ almost everyday!

I had Nut Job & Agave chocolate that day and the cutie puppy Kong had Vanilla with Bacon. (I’m not sure about the name..)

Anyway, isn’t it unique?

I felt getting more friendly with Kong by having ice cream together.

It is safe, healthy snack for pets.

You can enjoy a great time with your friends and adorable pets here!

* Location: 310-11, Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

* Tel.: 070-4411-1434

* Operation hour: 12:00 – 22:00

How to Bring Your Puppy to Manila, the Philippines

Today, I’d like to share how to bring your puppy to Manila, thr Philippines.

It is very nice season to visit Manila because it is its dry season.

Even it is pretty sunny, it is still dry, so you do not have to worry about hot swampy weather.


Bringing puppy to Manila isn’t too difficult.

Things required before departure:

1. Rabies Vaccine – from your vet

2. Health Certificate – from your vet within 10 days of departure

3. Deworming Certificate – from your vet within 48hrs of departure

4. Microchip – from your vet (ISO 11784/11785)  

5. Import Permit – online (

If you want to fly with your puppy in the cabin, you must call your airline and ask if it is possible.

Each airline has different policy in handcarry, so you must check it with your airline first.

I used Asiana Airlines, and their requirements were like these:

1. Soft Cage (D x L x H smaller than 115cm, and Height should not be over 25cm). 

2. Total weight (cage + puppy) should not exceed 5kg

3. Check in fee (₩160,000)

I safely entered Manila with Kevy, a sweet silver Poodle boy. 

It was beautiful city with warm weather and nice sweet people.

It is always best to check with your country’s Philippines Embassy for any pet import regulations.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Manila!!!

How to Send a Puppy to Santiago, Chile

Today, I would like to share how to send a puppy to Santiago, Chile.

This time, Ginny the Maltese girl was traveling from Seoul, South Korea to Santiago, Chile by United Airlines Pet Cargo service. 

Very first thing you need to consider is getting a rabies shot at 3months or older.

Only puppy that vaccinated with rabies at least 30days prior to its arrival is allowed.

So, you should vaccinate your puppy at least 30days prior to its flight schedule.

Here are required documents that should be ready in both your language and Spanish:

1. Official health statement in both language – you may need to get notarized by notary public and apostille stamp on Spanish document if it is not originally issed but translated. 

2. Vaccination Record – Rabies 

3. Ticks and Tapeworm Treatment within 30days of entering Chile

4. Pet Microchip – Not required but reccommended 

If you are ready with all of those required documents, then you need to prepare her shipping cage.

It should be hard cage with bolts. The cage must be equipped with two feed bowls and a water bottle that can be hung on the door. 

Also, need to provide couple packs of her food that can be provided during her long long flight. 

However, United Cargo does not allow anything inside of the cage other than your naked puppy.

Even I prepared her cage with lots of comfy things including a bed and toys, she only could fly herself in the cage.

This is how the cage look like after packing.

Ginny’s going to fly from Seoul to San Francisco, San Francisco to Houston, and then Houston to Santiago.

It’s very long Journey for 4months old teacup Maltese girl.

Hopefully, I can see her with her new family in Santiago, Chile Soon! 

Top 3 Korean Starbucks 2016 Fall Heritage Tumblers


2016 Korean Starbucks Heritage MD Products

I love to use tumblers for either hot or cold drink in the morning because it keeps the drink fresh for long hours.

There are many good brand names making tumblers, but my favorites are mostly came from Starbucks Korea.

On Oct 11th, finally Starbucks’ heritage products are renewed and released in stores, and three of its tumblers caught my attention: JNL heritage tumbler, Newton heritage tumbler, and Elma heritage tumbler.


JNL Heritage Tumbler

First one that I was almost opened my wallet was JNL tumbler.

Technically, it is the best one since it is Thermos, one of the best tumbler making companies.

It can hold 500ml of hot or cold drink, which is slightly more than venti size coffee and keeps drink fresh (hot/cold) for nearly 8 hours.

However, it is pretty expensive (54,000won) and has small opening but long body, so I decided not to buy this one.

Elma Heritage Tumbler

Next tumbler that I almost got was Elma heritage tumbler.

I am a big fan of Starbucks’ Elma tumblers because they are light but keep temperature for so long. And its wide thin opening makes its users put either ice cubes or hot water easily.

I loved its silver-blue tone of stainless body. It is matte and silky.

But the reason why I did not get this tumbler was that I have got a number of Elma tumblers already.

Newton Heritage Tumbler

The one that I finally got was Newton heritage tumbler.

I usually do not like any tumbler with handle attached.

But this one is somewhat old fashioned but modern at the same time.

The best part of this tumber is its lid. Starbuck Siren is engraved, so it gives more glamorous look.

Do you need my suggestion for you??

Go get one that you really like, make it easy!!!



How to Fly with Your Pet

Hana and Duri

How many of you guys have flown with your puppy before?

This time, I had to fly with those two beautiful puppies to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Regular requirement for flying with pet (dog or cat) is:

  1. 8 weeks or older
  2. Cage height can be 26cm maximum (may vary with each airline policy) and total sum of H+W+D =< 115cm.
  3. One pet per person (two pets are allowed to be in one cage if they are younger than 6 months).
  4. Pet and cage weight should be lighter than 5kg.
  5. Have to report your country animal quarantine (usually located at airport).
  6. Have to meet all animal quarantine requirement for destination.
  7. Must reserve available seat for your pet at least a week before departure (each airbus usually has 3 pet allowed seats available).
Hana and Duri

I got two Paris Dog soft bags for my puppies.

It doesn’t have to be soft carrier bag, but it can be hard carrier bag.

But I recommend you to buy soft ones since you have to slide your pet under the front seat.


This is right before we boarded together.

Flying with pet is pretty easy if you prepare for it in advance.

And it is always clever to ask your local airport and destination airport animal quarantine for required documents at least 2 months before your trip.

Flying with pet is always possible if you are willing to.