Fruits and puppies

Not a few people wonder about fruits that are good for puppies or not.

I’m gonna give you some info regarding fruits today πŸ™‚ 



1. Watermelon



Puppies like watermelon so much, because it’s really watery.

It’s especially good at summer but there is an ingredients that might cause allergy.



So, give them just 2~3 pieces will be fine !



2. Seed & Rind of Watermelon



What about seed and rind of watermelon?

The answer is NO, these can cause indigestion if puppies have it. 

And the rind can cause suffocation, so be careful !!!



3. Peach



Peach can cause allergy to puppies, so it’s not a good fruits for them. 😦



4. Grapes



Grapes are too bad and toxic to pets!!

This can cause vomit, diarrhea and anorexia.

Experts say grape skin is bad particularly, so do not give grapes to your puppies.



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A Way to Give a Puppy Medicine

Dogs may have situation that they must take a medicine 😦



If they get stress about taking a medicine, it will be hard time to you and your dogs, too.



But if you training your pet with a good way, it’s not that difficult thing πŸ™‚



Give a snack by opening your pet’s mouth with your hand from he/she is a baby.


Then, they will feel not bad when you open their mouth.



Practice that they can take empty capsule.


If they feel comportable about opening their mouth, they will take empty capsule without resistance.



Give a medicine with spoon, pretend it to syrup.


As a preparation for the future, use spoon even if the medicine is a capsule or tablet.



So far, this is a suggested way by Seoul Veterinary Medical Association (Korea).


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How to training pet “SEAT”

Most of pet owners training their pet can seat with owner’s voice.

– Prepare snack for “SEAT”
Prepare small snack, half of your thumbnail size will be enough.

– Induce pet to “SEAT”

Hold snack and bring it to your pet’s front.

This will lead your pet can seat.

– Repeat “SEAT”

Repeat it every 2~3 secs. 

If your pet seat, give compliment immediately.

– Training your pet with snack(reward) is helpful !

Repeating “SEAT” unil he/she didn’t make mistake.

– If your pet is young, it will take less than 5 mins.

Keep repeating this training 1~2 times within 15~30 mins, it will be effective !
Training pet “SEAT” is not difficult πŸ™‚

How about try it today ? 

TWG, the Luxurious Tea Boutique in Resorts World Manila

TWG was established in Singapore and has been known for luxurious tea boutique brand. Its name TWG stands for The Wellbeing Group.

When I visited Resorts World in Manila, I could not resist to visit this glittering golden tea boutique.

Inside View of TWG Boutique in Manila

When I entered the store, I could see lots of tea packages were displayed. On the wall, hundreds of goegeous gold tea tins were glittering as gold mine. 

Beautiful Tea Pot and Teacups
So I really wanted to have some me-time there with some good tea and couple marcaroons before I end my first night in Manila.

I ordered a pot of Silver Moon tea and three pieces of macaroons.

See how peaceful and delightful at the same time with this calming tea with some sweets.

It was my best tea and macaroons experience so far.

And price was very reasonable, I believe.

So, do not hesitate to visit this amazing tea boutique if you are planning to visit Resorts World Manila.

*Location: Resorts World Manila, Ground Floor, 17B

*Tel: +63 2 551 0925

*Openining Hours: Mon~Thur (12nn~12am) and Fri~Sun (12nn~1am). 

Ice Cream Store for both Human & Puppy, FELL+COLE

I visited special ice cream store which is located nearby Hongik University, Korea.

Hongik University is popular place among youth.

The store FELL+COLE is covered with blue.

The reason why this store is special is, there are ice cream for human and the one for only puppies! 

Price: Single-$5 / For puppies-$2.5

And the favors are differ almost everyday!

I had Nut Job & Agave chocolate that day and the cutie puppy Kong had Vanilla with Bacon. (I’m not sure about the name..)

Anyway, isn’t it unique?

I felt getting more friendly with Kong by having ice cream together.

It is safe, healthy snack for pets.

You can enjoy a great time with your friends and adorable pets here!

* Location: 310-11, Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

* Tel.: 070-4411-1434

* Operation hour: 12:00 – 22:00

How to Bring Your Puppy to Manila, the Philippines

Today, I’d like to share how to bring your puppy to Manila, thr Philippines.

It is very nice season to visit Manila because it is its dry season.

Even it is pretty sunny, it is still dry, so you do not have to worry about hot swampy weather.


Bringing puppy to Manila isn’t too difficult.

Things required before departure:

1. Rabies Vaccine – from your vet

2. Health Certificate – from your vet within 10 days of departure

3. Deworming Certificate – from your vet within 48hrs of departure

4. Microchip – from your vet (ISO 11784/11785)  

5. Import Permit – online (

If you want to fly with your puppy in the cabin, you must call your airline and ask if it is possible.

Each airline has different policy in handcarry, so you must check it with your airline first.

I used Asiana Airlines, and their requirements were like these:

1. Soft Cage (D x L x H smaller than 115cm, and Height should not be over 25cm). 

2. Total weight (cage + puppy) should not exceed 5kg

3. Check in fee (β‚©160,000)

I safely entered Manila with Kevy, a sweet silver Poodle boy. 

It was beautiful city with warm weather and nice sweet people.

It is always best to check with your country’s Philippines Embassy for any pet import regulations.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Manila!!!

Custom Made Munchkin Cat Tower

Today, I’d like to introduce a cat tower that is custom made for short leg Munchkin cats.

Munchkin cats have shorter legs than regular cats, so it is a bit difficult for them to use standard size cat tower that is designed for longer legged cats. 

So, we just got a cat tower for short legged Munchkins cats today.

This Munchkin cat tower is very cat friendly. 

It has lots of comfortable spots where your Munchkin cat can play, rest, or sleep. 

It is made with larch tree and cow leather and looks luxurious. 

My favorite feature of this amazing Munchkin cat tower is this clear acryl bowl where you can see your Munchkin cat’s belly and paws.

If you have Munchkin cats and are thinking about to have a set of cat tower, you may consider to have Munchkin cat friendly tower like this.

I highly recommend you!!!