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How to training pet “SEAT”

Most of pet owners training their pet can seat with owner’s voice.

– Prepare snack for “SEAT”
Prepare small snack, half of your thumbnail size will be enough.

– Induce pet to “SEAT”

Hold snack and bring it to your pet’s front.

This will lead your pet can seat.

– Repeat “SEAT”

Repeat it every 2~3 secs. 

If your pet seat, give compliment immediately.

– Training your pet with snack(reward) is helpful !

Repeating “SEAT” unil he/she didn’t make mistake.

– If your pet is young, it will take less than 5 mins.

Keep repeating this training 1~2 times within 15~30 mins, it will be effective !
Training pet “SEAT” is not difficult 🙂

How about try it today ?