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How to training pet “SEAT”

Most of pet owners training their pet can seat with owner’s voice.

– Prepare snack for “SEAT”
Prepare small snack, half of your thumbnail size will be enough.

– Induce pet to “SEAT”

Hold snack and bring it to your pet’s front.

This will lead your pet can seat.

– Repeat “SEAT”

Repeat it every 2~3 secs. 

If your pet seat, give compliment immediately.

– Training your pet with snack(reward) is helpful !

Repeating “SEAT” unil he/she didn’t make mistake.

– If your pet is young, it will take less than 5 mins.

Keep repeating this training 1~2 times within 15~30 mins, it will be effective !
Training pet “SEAT” is not difficult 🙂

How about try it today ? 


Things to Know about Dog Flu


Hello guys!

This time, I’d like to share tips for puppy cold since it is getting cold.

Its symptoms include cough, runny nose, sleep, fever, lethargy, and loss of appetite.

If flu lasts more than a week, it can turn into pneumonia, so you should take your puppy to the vet as soon as possible if you think your puppy got flu.


I’d like to share how to treat your puppy when it gets flu.

Best way to fight back to flu is to eat and rest well.

Here are good dog foods for flu:

  1. How Pear Cider – pear is also good for human cold. If it is too hard to make hot pear cider, chop a pear in tiny pieces, mix them with honey, and put it in the microwave oven for couple minutes.
  2. High Protein Foods – boiled egg yolk can be the easiest high protein food that you can feed your sick puppy. But try not to feed too much to avoid diarrhea.


Here are some tips to treat symptoms:

  1. Cough – best way to treat cough is to keep humidity. You may put humidifier or even wet towel in the room to keep it humid. However, if your puppy coughs for so long, more than a week, you should take it to the vet for either kennel cough or , in worst case, canine distemper.
  2. Snot – clean it with wet tissue (baby tissue) frequently in gentle manner. If snot has turned into yellow, that means it is getting worse, so you should take your puppy to the vet when you see yellow snot on nose.
  3. Sleep – gently remove sleep on both eyes with eye drops and wet tissue. Do not use your fingers to remove sleeps since your hands may cause bacterial infection. Also, do not forget to keep eye area dry. You may use hair dryer.
  4. Fever – check his nose. If it is dry, he has fever. Keep it warm and humid. Do not forget to provide enough water.
  5. Loss of Appetite – provide high protein foods. The best way to feed high protein food is to mix with regular dog food to prevent imbalanced diet.
  6. Lethargy – Good rest is always the best treatment for lethargy. Also, having play time with your puppy can help him recover from lethargy.


Here are tips to avoid catching a dog flu:

  1. Do not wash your puppy.
  2. Provide dog bed or blanket to keep its abdomen warm.
  3. Ventilate the room often to get fresh air.
  4. Clean the room well.
  5. Block cold air.

Hope this help you to prevent dog flu in this season.

Be well everybody!



Truth about Teacup Puppies


Have you ever heard about teacup puppies before?

Teacup puppies that you may know are often times fake.

In America, small puppies, so called teacup puppies, are very popular nowdays.

Teacup means smaller than the standard size.


In America, as I know, many resellers are importing and selling teacup puppies from Korean breeders because Korean teacup puppies are well known for its tiny size and beautiful face.

Selling Korean teacup puppies is not a problem.

Real problem is that many resellers do not give true information about teacup puppies to their customers.


Teacup puppies are tiny, I mean they are smaller than their standards.

Some people may believe that adult teacup puppies may weigh around 2lbs (1kg) mostly, but it happens not very often.

Teacup puppies may weigh less than 2 or 2.5lbs only if they have suffered canine distemper, get fed smaller amounts of food, or were born weak. Other than those reasons, it may not happen.


Real teacup puppies are healthy and beautiful as you can see in the picture above.

They are fed proper amount of food, born in healthy condition, and grow as pretty as they can be.