Enjoying Korean Convenient Store Salad in two “almost” vegan ways


Just like Japanese convenient stores, Korean convenient stores are having more instant foods that can be eatable at anytime at any occasion.

With plenty of instant food choices, having lunch at a convenient store like GS25 or CU has become very common in Korea.

To keep one day one vegan meal, my choice for lunch is mostly salads or fruits.



I know Ricotta cheese salad is not 100% vegan because cheese is still dairy, but it is my favorite since it doesn’t have much meat in it.

To reduce calories, I usually take a half of ricotta cheese and 1/3 of balsamic dressing.

Amount of salad is quite enough for light lunch meal, but if you are heavy eater, I recommend you to add some fresh fruits like apple slices or tangerine.


Korean tangerines called Gyul is sweeter and seedless, not like American tangerines.

So I like to add couple tangerines in my salad bowl to mix with.

Added fruits will give  you more satiety so that you will not look for other foods.

One more tip for meat lovers, to add a piece of boneless fried cajun chicken breast in your salads.

Isn’t it too easy to make your convenient salads little better???



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